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Creative Schools Field Trip with Marine Biologist David McGrath

Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Traffic Survey Photos


Taking the Bus


Parking & Striding

to School

Ms. Whelan's class

enjoyed listening to the

Author OisĂ­n McCann

who read an extract from his new book 'We want our Park Back'

via zoom

Autumn Fun

Our Bicycles of the Future

Our No Plastic Lunches

Planting and Gardening

Planting Trees & Seeds

Green School Action Week Poster.pdf

Monday 15th Bling a Shoe. Bling a Bike. Bling a Scooter

Tuesday 16th Eco-Friendly Transport of the Future

Wednesday 17th WOW Day

Thursday 18th No Energy Day

Friday 19th C.O.F. Day


Zooming with

Marina Levitina

on The

Flora and Fauna around the Graney River and Lough Graney

Bikes for Kenya

Cycling in the Netherlands

Food Kilometres

My Journey to School - Stories and Poems

My Journey to School - Travel Posters and Slogans

Recycled Creations